North Dakota

Recidiviz has enabled us to shift our focus to metrics that shine a light on positive outcomes, with real-time reports that highlight how we can maximize reentry success.

Dave Krabbenhoft, Former Director, DOCR

Dashboards are live

North Dakota

Recidiviz has enabled us to shift our focus to metrics that shine a light on positive outcomes, with real-time reports that highlight how we can maximize reentry success.

Dave Krabbenhoft, Director, DOCR

Population projections inform facility management and departmental policy priorities.

Idaho’s case-level population projection model forecasts incarcerated and supervised population levels over time. The microsimulation model uses patterns in historical data and sentencing information to determine how people flow through the system and to project expected changes. These projections allow for proactive facility management, reveal trends driving population changes that may inform department-level reforms, improve budget forecasting, and offer the Department of Correction a way to easily model the impact of a range of potential policy changes on its population.


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North Dakota launches a public dashboard.

In 2020, Gov. Doug Burgum and the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR) became the first state in the nation to launch a public-facing Recidiviz dashboard that puts live data directly in the hands of North Dakotans. Using the dashboard, interested North Dakotans—from legislators to journalists to family members of incarcerated folks—can easily answer questions like “How many people are incarcerated right now?” and “What proportion of people successfully complete parole?”

Community Supervision leaders use supervisor dashboards to manage for successful outcomes.

North Dakota’s DOCR leadership has always been data-driven: keeping track of success metrics across supervision and incarceration and using these metrics to inform decision-making department-wide. Their supervisor dashboard has enabled them to use their data to drive toward their goals, giving community supervision leaders the ability to track trends—like timely assessment, contacts, and client discharges—using live data and an easy-to-use interface. The data helps them to constantly monitor performance and prioritize doing more of what’s working in order to increase efficiency and improve outcomes for North Dakotans on probation and parole.

Data drives measurable progress and greater safety.

North Dakota began its partnership with Recidiviz in September 2019. Its Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR)  has long been recognized as an innovative, data-driven leader in the field,  and North Dakota continues to bolster that reputation by exploring new frontiers of technology and practice to drive meaningful progress in its criminal justice system and expand support for its justice-involved community.

Since kicking off the partnership, North Dakota has used Recidiviz tools to improve supervision outcomes and navigate the pandemic. Over the first two years of the partnership, North Dakota reduced recidivism by 16%, the probation population by 9%, and the prison population by 25%, saving lives and slowing the spread of COVID-19.

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