Data Transparency

Championing Transparency and Collaboration

The criminal justice system can only operate safely and fairly if everyone has insight into which policies and practices are effective.

  • For policymakers and criminal justice practitioners, data makes it possible to compare their performance to that of their peers and act confidently in moments of crisis. 
  • For advocates and communities, data clarifies injustices and disparities, making it easier to advance better policies. 
  • For researchers, data powers models that predict how the system could change under different circumstances, driving decisions about what practices to implement.

Making more data public makes more change possible.

Public Dashboards

Our public dashboards — see Pennsylvania and North Dakota — provide real-time visibility into statistics like prison and parole populations, reasons for incarceration, and parole success rates. The dashboard’s intuitive data visualizations help policymakers, advocates, journalists, and researchers find common ground in pursuit of a smaller, fairer, and more effective criminal justice system.

Justice Counts

Safety and justice deserve better data. That’s why we’re part of a coalition working to provide timely, consistent criminal justice data to policymakers and their communities across all 50 states. Consensus-driven metrics are a new and crucial resource in the field. They account for variation in data collection, analysis and reporting and provide key insights on system trends, operations and outcomes across all criminal justice sectors. Learn more about Justice Counts, an initiative co-led by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs’ Bureau of Justice Assistance and The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center, with Recidiviz as the chief technical partner.

Policy Impact Forecasting

Our free, non-partisan analysis ensures policymakers, practitioners, and advocates understand the impact of proposed legislation – before it passes! Browse our library and uncover how policies will affect correctional populations, state costs, racial disparities, workforce development, and more by requesting a memo.

Cost Calculator

Parole and probation violations have an outsized effect on state prison populations. The Course Corrections Cost Calculator, developed in partnership with CSG, uses data to show how simple changes in probation and parole outcomes can impact a state’s prison population and costs.

Open Source

Our code base is open-source. That means anyone can study, extend, or use our code to further their own work to improve the criminal justice system. We welcome questions and contributions on Github.

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