Strong Reentry Pathways Create Safer, More Vibrant Communities

Coming home from prison can be an incredibly challenging process. For many people, incarceration leads to stigma and formal barriers that make finding employment, securing housing, and accessing education much more difficult.

Nationwide, formerly incarcerated people, advocates, and criminal justice agencies are stepping up to clear the barriers that prevent people from rebuilding their lives and reintegrating into their communities. These opportunities include job training, family reunification, mental health and addiction treatment, legal services, and more. Recidiviz is working coast to coast to help these reentry efforts scale.

Recidiviz Works with Reentry Partners to:

  • Promote proven reentry efforts to criminal justice practitioners
  • Connect formerly incarcerated people to resources and opportunities
  • Measure outcomes of people reentering the community
  • Build the evidence base for scaling successful reentry projects

Reentry Support Examples:

Employment opportunities for people returning home

Corrections agencies nationwide are looking for ways to ensure people can thrive when they return home. That’s why Recidiviz is partnering with Merit America to connect people on parole and probation in Recidiviz partner states to tech-focused training, certification, and employment. Our collaboration is creating flexible pathways to sustainable careers for justice-involved people without college degrees.

Modeling the impact of evidence-based reentry policy

Our free policy impact modeling for reentry organizations clarifies proposals – modeling the outcomes and consequences of potential decisions. For example, West AlabamaWorks trains, prepares, and matches formerly incarcerated people with employers across 23 counties. To illustrate how this is good business practice for the state, WestAlabamaWorks asked us to produce findings on the impact of employing formerly incarcerated people in Alabama

Recidiviz Works with Reentry Partners to:

We’re looking for partners who can increase the availability and accessibility of resources for justice-involved people in one more of the following need areas:

  • Mental, behavioral, and physical healthcare
  • Substance use treatment
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Housing
  • Government documents (ID, SSN)
  • Peer and mentor support
  • Family support and reunification

Good data drives good results. On that foundation, we partner with organizations that track and provide case-level data around outcomes, opportunities, and needs.

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