What gets measured, gets managed.

Our mission at Recidiviz is to accelerate progress towards a smaller, fairer criminal justice system. We use modern data infrastructure and thoughtful product design to empower agencies to safely and sustainably improve outcomes for people.

A lack of usable criminal justice data plays an outsized role in mass incarceration.

The United States criminal justice system is the largest in the world, holding nearly 25% of all prisoners globally.

In spite of its size and cost, the criminal justice data that is available is both too high-level and too fragmented to be useful.

It doesn’t provide the depth of information needed to evaluate the outcomes of specific programs or policies.

And different metrics are published by different systems at different frequencies, preventing evaluation against a common baseline.

Criminal justice analysis today is often done manually, which makes it expensive and time consuming. Delays can have significant consequences, including an inability to recognize trends as they appear.

How We Work


Tech has a lot to offer but also a lot to learn. We are here to partner with, listen to, and accelerate the efforts of people who have spent their lives reforming the criminal justice system.


Everyone agrees, it’s going to take all types to re-invent our justice system. We're here to help anyone who wants to build a more effective and equitable system.


We design tools and systems that are extensible. All of our work is open source, making it easy for others in the ecosystem (including states) to extend and build on what we create.

Privacy and Security

Our platform is designed specifically for criminal justice data and all of the special precautions, compliance requirements, and thoughtfulness that comes with it.

Diversity and Inclusion

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A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is essential to our mission. People come to Recidiviz to contribute to an urgent cause, and to work alongside incredible coworkers who care as much as they do.

To ensure that we’re building intentional products and amplifying the work of others in the reform ecosystem, we are committed to fostering a diverse team that reflects the people we serve.

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