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Every person who safely transitions back to the community is a step toward a better society.

Criminal justice leaders use Recidiviz to get a real-time picture of their system, diagnose issues, and drive meaningful changes.

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We are a non-profit that partners with state criminal justice agencies to advance their use of data and reduce incarceration.


intake an agency’s disjointed data


deploy tools for all levels of decision making


improve outcomes for justice-impacted individuals

A human–centered definition of success.

Our approach is shaped by the perspective and experience of people impacted by the justice system. Together, we are focused on restoring equity and supporting success in the community.

Our approach

See the forest and the trees.

The criminal justice system can't support safe, whole communities without feedback on what’s working and what’s not. We stitch together data from fragmented systems to provide decision-makers with the information they need to improve outcomes. With this data, we surface opportunities to safely chart a path to a smaller system, and to track the impact of policy and practice changes over time.

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Recidiviz takes it much deeper than we’ve ever been able to accomplish. Their data layer is the key to what we've been trying to accomplish to make decision support a reality. This gives us the dashboards and drill downs we’ve been dreaming about, so that we can start putting insights into users’ hands.

Jeff Anderson, Administrator of Research & Planning, MI DOC

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