We are a non-profit building technical solutions to help decision makers
understand how the criminal justice system is performing in real time.


We arm decision makers with the data they need to diagnose issues, monitor
the success of ongoing initiatives, and guide planning and policy.

Project Pulse

Automatically collect, standardize, and centralize corrections data to create a rigorous baseline. Calculate granular metrics on an ongoing basis.

Project Vitals

Make data and metrics from Project Pulse available to decision-makers and stakeholders in actionable formats. Tailor reports to key decision criteria to help states and jurisdictions predict whether they will meet their year-end goals.

Project Triage

Enable decision makers to add external datasets on in-prison programming (education, work opportunities), post-release programming, or other factors to Project Pulse data to form a more complete picture. Serve as a mechanism for independently verifying which programs are driving desired outcomes.

Who we are

Technology leaders passionate about criminal justice reform from organizations including Google, Microsoft, Opower, and Optimizely.

Clementine Jacoby

Co-founder and Director, Recidiviz. Product Manager, Google Maps.

Anna Geiduschek

Software Engineer, Recidiviz. Software Engineer, Dropbox.

Ben Packer

Data Scientist, Recidiviz. Data Scientist, Google.

C. Andrew Warren

Co-founder and Product Lead, Recidiviz. Former Product Manager, Google and Sidewalk Labs.

Erik Shilts

Data Scientist and User Experience Researcher, Recidiviz. Data Science Manager, Microsoft.

Eva Asplund

Software Engineer, Recidiviz. Software Engineer, Oracle.

Jordan Bramble

Data Engineer, Recidiviz. Machine Learning Engineer, Atrium. Former Data Scientist, USDS.

Joshua Essex

Co-founder and Technical Lead, Recidiviz. Architect and Technical Lead, Opower.

Julia Dressel

Software Engineer and User Experience Researcher, Recidiviz. Software Engineer, Apple.

Marie Cosgrove-Davies

Operations Product Manager, Recidiviz. Product Manager, Google Cloud.

Matthew Root

Software Engineer, Recidiviz. Engineering Manager, Optimizely.

Sachin Nene

Software Engineer, Recidiviz. Former Engineering Manager, Opower.

Wendy Ginsberg

Software Engineer and Product Manager, Recidiviz. Product Manager, Google.


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