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Criminal justice leaders use Recidiviz to get a real-time picture of their system, diagnose issues, and drive meaningful changes.

Our Goals

Provide open source tools for real time monitoring and analysis.

Standardize metrics across national, state, and local jurisdictions.

Integrate this data and tooling to enable outcome-based decision making.

What gets measured, gets managed.

A lack of usable criminal justice data plays an outsized role in mass incarceration.

The United States criminal justice system is the largest in the world, holding nearly 25% of all prisoners globally.

In spite of its size and cost, the criminal justice data that is available is both too high-level and too fragmented to be useful.

It doesn’t provide the depth of information needed to evaluate the outcomes of specific programs or policies.

And different metrics are published by different systems at different frequencies, preventing evaluation against a common baseline.

Criminal justice analysis today is often done manually, which makes it expensive and time consuming. Delays can have significant consequences, including an inability to recognize trends as they appear.


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Recidiviz takes it much deeper than we’ve ever been able to accomplish. Their data layer is the key to what we've been trying to accomplish to make decision support a reality. This gives us the dashboards and drill downs we’ve been dreaming about, so that we can start putting insights into users’ hands.

Jeff Anderson, Administrator of Research & Planning, MI DOC

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Recidiviz has enabled us to shift our focus from recidivism to positive outcomes, and from annual metrics to real-time reports that highlight how we as an agency can maximize reentry success.

Dave Krabbenhoft, Director, ND DOCR

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