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Criminal Justice Policy Impact Forecasting

Policy conversations often lack data analysis, leaving lawmakers in the dark about the full implications of proposed legislation. Policy impact forecasting brings clarity – modeling the outcomes and consequences of policy decisions before they are voted on.

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Our free, non-partisan analysis ensures policymakers, practitioners, and advocates understand the impact of proposed legislation – before it passes! Uncover how policies will affect correctional populations, state costs, racial disparities, workforce development, and more by requesting a memo.

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Our People
Zoë Towns
Vice President of Criminal Justice Reform,
Steve Chanenson
Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law
Solomon Graves
Fmr. Cabinet Secretary, Arkansas Department of Corrections
Ryan King
Director of Research and Policy, Justice Policy Institute
Khalil Cumberbatch
Fellow, Council on Criminal Justice
Eddie Bocanegra
Senior Director, READI Chicago
Celia de Pentheny O'Kelly
Communications Executive and Attorney, Brunswick Group
Adam Gelb
President & CEO, Council on Criminal Justice
Celia Colón
Founder, Giving Others Dreams

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