Our tools are designed to get the right information to the right person at the right time—from leadership to line staff—to help you drive better outcomes. Our platform also makes it easy to make your data available in any number of formats to power program evaluation, academic partnerships, required reporting, or increased transparency, saving staff time in the process.

Leadership Tools

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Metrics and Analytics

Our leadership dashboard, reports, and alerts are designed to help leadership see the forest for the trees. Set goals, track progress, identify outliers, and get alerted when something that you care about changes. No more waiting for annual reports or wading through spreadsheets to find an answer.

Population Projection

Our case-level microsimulation population projection is an extensible, state-agnostic model for goal setting and decision making. It provides an analysis of current and historical populations and projects 5-years into the future, to empower leadership to make more informed budget and policy forecasts.

Covid-19 Model and Reports

Our Covid-19 toolkit helps leadership forecast and track the impact of Covid-19 on prisons and jails. It includes outbreak modeling, real-time rate of spread, and scenario planning for policy changes and early release decisions.

Revocation Reduction

Nationwide, 25% of prison admissions are due to revocations from probation or parole. Lantern, our partnership with the Council of State Governments Justice Center, focuses on reducing revocations by helping leaders understand what behaviors and violation histories are associated with revocations and how to prevent them.

Line Staff Tools

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Reports and Alerts

Our line staff reports bring individualized metrics to your line staff’s inboxes. They are designed to incentivize high leverage and evidence-based supervision practices, to shift line staff towards a more human-centered, outcomes-oriented approach to supervision.

Case Triage

Our case triage tool helps probation and parole officers intervene earlier and get a holistic picture of the housing, employment, treatment, and transportation needs on their caseload so that they can triage their time and attention in ways that will maximize supervision success.

Public Data & Ecosystem Partnerships

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For the Public

Justice Counts is a collaboration with the Council of State Governments, and 20 other partners, focused on building common data standards for the criminal justice ecosystem. Recidiviz is responsible for aggregating, standardizing, and securing publicly available data. Spotlight is our public data dashboard, designed to empower policymakers, researchers, and the public with timely data.

For Policy

Our probabilistic data model simulates criminal justice system movement to forecast impact. We project five-year impacts on cost, population changes, and life years at each step, without double counting policies. Already modeling policies in your state? Let's work together.

For Research

Our platform stitches together data from fragmented systems, making it easy for state leaders to partner with researchers and program providers on granular, longitudinal impact studies. Our platform makes it easy for states to share their data in any number of formats, increasing what’s possible and saving valuable staff resources in the process.

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