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Turn your data into insights.

Set goals, forecast the impact of policy or practice changes, and track their outcomes across your agency. Identify outliers and get alerted when trends change and model the impact of policy and practice changes.

How it works

Our data layer sits on top of your existing systems. No matter how old, tired, or hand-spun your OMS, we can integrate with it.

Our data layer powers real-time tools, starting with a leadership dashboard that gives you granular insight into your whole system - Which judicial districts are outliers? What’s leading to reentry success?

Set goals, track progress in real-time, and get alerted when trends change - without sacrificing staff time or waiting for annual reports.

Forecast the impact of potential policy changes with a population model powered by microsimulation projection. Or, track the impact of changes on recidivism, population, in-facility violence, costs, and more - in real-time.

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Recidiviz has enabled us to shift our focus from recidivism to positive outcomes, and from annual metrics to real-time reports that highlight how we as an agency can maximize reentry success.

Dave Krabbenhoft, Director, ND DOCR

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